Invesco Global Account

Guiding the finantial giant to a new digital presense.

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the problem

Helping Invesco define their global digital strategies and partnering up with a new internal design team to wrangle the sites created by 32 regions into one cohesive visual language and experience.
the result  

The deifinition and execution of a strategy and design MVP that would not only be designed under extremely tight deadline but would also be modular enough to become the base that’s reutilized for iterations to come.

A single, lean design system, shared by all Invesco regions and built on a new global CMS platform, AEM.
the highlight

Intrapreneuring and leading a multinational design philosophy and process that helps New York and London teams share a unique, atomic design system through Airtable. This new approach changed the way UX, VD and Dev teams organize at Code & Theory.

(And designing and facilitating workshops for 34 people from 4 continents.)

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