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the problem

Years of reactive product management had created a towering repository of single-use templates and modules that was causing teams to move slower than the fast-paced digital journalism environment demanded. The new system would need to accomodate multiple brands, content types, velocities and the necessity to spin up new front pages in seconds.
the result  

During a year of work, we turned NBC News’ editorial team strategy to stop writing about eevry piece of news and start being a leading voice on the subjects that matter. We designed a single front page template that could house over 30 variations of content, allowing editors to create narratives and innovative, flexible details pages for three different brands and millions of monthly users.
the highlight

Getting to work with world-leading journalists and editors to design their workflow and CMS experience as well as designing a new way for them to tell the stories they had to tell. In addition, we built modular yet robust functional documentation ecosystem that covered, in detail, each module’s components, behaviors and logic.
some data


cross-brand traffic


new users/mo

+2-3 times

more video views


HP video views


Ad viewability
(+12% sitewide)



Digiday Publishing Awards

2019 Best Mobile Innovation

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fast companny innovation by design awards

2018 Honorable Mention — Web Design (x2)

the webbys awards

2018 Honoree — Websites, News and Politics

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2017 Best Redesign/Relaunch