Sky’s web renaissance

Helping the #1 TV news source in Italy bring those numbers to their online news experience.

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the problem

In the ever shifting and evolving media landscape, we were tasked with elevating the digital Sky Italia brand and experience globally, across their verticals - entertainment, sports and news. As a premium TV provider with quality content, changing the public’s perceptions and awareness around their digital offering was the main priority, with the end goal of dominating the Italian news market
the result  

We collaborated with the different teams, on location in Milan, not only to create a modular and scalable design system, but also establish a solution framework for a multi-brand offering globally and across their three verticals.

We worked on improving storytelling, pathing, loyalty and retention, interatives, video, navigation, monetisation and personalisation. Each one of these tactics was tested, iterated and implemented in an agile process to ensure we were designing the best experience for the user based on market, region and user type.
the highlight

Leading not only the original project’s design stream but making sure the quality of the work and the relationshio was at a level that secured the follow-up CMS project on which I led client conversations, product strategy and esperience design, with oversight onto the rest of the design team.

Breaking their established process down and building a new way for the internal Sky team to communicate, collaborate and move the project forward.


——— Designed, prepped and facilitated multiple workshops that brought together design, tech and editorial staff.

This was the first time the chief editors participated in a product ideation workshop.

——— It’s italy, of course there is food in this case study!

——— As part of a UX Sprint 0, we created  representations of all the needed components of our design system.

These were used in sprint kickoff workshops with the editorial leads for each brand to create the structures needed to tell each vertical’s news best.