New to UX?

Looking to get started in User Experience Design? Here’s a couple of pointers.

Hi there!
This page contains a couple of things I usually share with entry-level UXers. However, do you want to know my number 1 piece of advice?

Don’t let anyone not let you be your absolute self. None of that “fake it till you make it” bullshit.


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Design of everyday things
Don Norman

Start here. This is a holy book for UX designers and Don Norman would be some kind of mesiah I guess (?). Read this book. Let the realisation of the importance of experiencial design sink in.

*Gospel music plays*


the Feynman learning technique

When learning something, don’t memorize, find the logical explenation the makes it obvious (that’s how I got top marks in A-level Geography! Thanks Mr. Coffee!).

Make sure you can teach what you just learnt to a 10 year old.
Mike Monteiro

Arsonist at heart, Monteiro will teach you more truths about design and life that any manager is willing to share.

This video made me feel terrible during my first year as profesional designer but, oh boy how it guided me and helped my grow.


Don’t make me think
Steve Krug

This was the first UX book I bought and read. It was a moment of realization that heavily reasured my decision to persue a carrer in UX. It’s an incredibly solid introduction to the discipline and takes you through every little nook of web usability, from research to wires to testing.

It’s my go-to gift for friends who ask me about changing carrers into UX.
The Intuitionist
Colson Whitehead

One of my favorite things is to find non-design books that have valuable design lessons.

The Intuitionist tought me about the power of experience and gut feeling over the hard numbers. There’s a point on any project at which you’re going to go with a hunch over empirical data and that’s ok. Always have research inform your design but take chances and let your work reflect your personality.


It’s ok to feel dumb

Surround yourself with people that make you feel like you’re the dumbest person in the room. Listed to every word they say. Ask every question, (specially ‘why?’) even when you think it’s not worth it...
Find something that’s worth it

There’s pros and cons to every job, but...

a) Finding a boss who’s interested in investing time and energy into teaching you the ropes will catapult you into success.

b) Finding a job in a company that’s really making a positive impact on the world will help you sleep better.

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