Designing the way people approach a new mobile carrier.

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the scenario

Comcast wanted us to help them with the strategy and experience behind the launch of their mobile service with an offering customers had never seen before.
the result  

A human-first experience that cares about every touchpoint of the service; from explaining the principles behind the groundbreaking data plans to making device personalization and checkout as friction free as ever with a transactional design that focus on maximizing conversion.
the highlight

Stepping away from  marketing and ecommerce design to reach out to users in order to map out their journey—covering behaviors that go from initial brand exposure to service cancellation.


——— Wireframing was done at a super high fidelity as UX was shared amongst the entire structure of the client. Mixed feelings.
The positive side was constantly testing in a lab setting with wires ensured fast and constant (a little too constant) iteration.


——— User journey created to map out the experience and call out pain points and reasons for cancellation.